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Sewing Machine Guarantee

We only stock well-known reliable makes. We do not have cheap imports or any unknown makes branded as our own. 

Guarantee / Warranty

You will get the standard manufactures guarantee / warranty. We DO NOT OFFER gimmicky FREE gifts that are of poor quality or unrealistic warranties. We have no additional small print, loopholes or additional expenses. Best of all we live up to our guarantee.

Offer / Price Matching

If you see a realistic guarantee / deal you want us to match, we will match any genuine 'like for like' offer, let us know what and who is offering the deal and we will look at it.


In short, we do not offer 10, 20 or 30 year extended guarantees, because we will NOT be able to get parts from the manufactures that far into the future.

Beware of dealers making unrealistic clams about what they can offer, themselves and the manufactures they represent. If the manufacture does not offer it then, if it sounds too good to be true then it probably is.


We ourselves live and work in a remote area of the country and find shopping on the internet essential, but not without its drawbacks when it comes to rogue traders.

Manufacturer - Standard Guarantee

Janome Sewing Machines - 2 Years
Brother Sewing Machines - 3 Years
Bernina Sewing Machines - 2 year electrical, 5 year mechanical
Husqvarna Sewing Machines - 5 year electrical and mechanical, 2 year Labour.

However, you MUST register your machine with Husqvarna, this is the customers responsibility and if you do not the machine will be covered for 2 years only.

NOTE: If a machine is received for repair under warranty, and fault is not mechanical, but operator error (i.e. Lack of servicing or maintenance), then a charge will be applied for labour, and the sender WILL be charged the cost of shipping (pickup and return).


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